Compressors and Spare Parts

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Compressors and Spare parts


  • Compressors are the heart of the A/C system, regulating temperature and humidity within the cabin.
  • ERA’s compressors easily to install
  • Same quality standards as the original brands.
  • Compressors are fragile, so it is essential to strictly follow the proper steps of the procedure:
    • Washing the A/C system
    • Replacing the dryer
    • Checking the effective operation of condenser
  • Era includes the o-rings necessary for replacement with all compressors.
  • On ERA website and e-commerce, you can find:
    • Replacement procedure
    • Guideline for compressor installation in the A/C system
    • Compressor warranty form

Spare parts for compressors

  • ERA introduces also a range dedicated to spare parts for compressors, composed by:
    • Coil, magnetic-clutch compressor
    • Magnetic Clutch, air conditioner compressor
    • Sealing Washer
    • Control Valve, compressor
    • Vibration Damper
    • Bearing, compressor shaft

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