ERA is part of LKQ Europe, an LKQ Corporation subsidiary, the leading distributor of automotive aftermarket parts for cars, commercial vans and industrial vehicles in Europe, with around 26,000 employees in over 20 European countries. Globally LKQ Corporation is located in 32 countries.

This makes LKQ a company made up of people who speak different languages, live in different parts of the world, and come from different cultures and backgrounds. But they share a common philosophy: LKQ’s success is based on employees, customers, suppliers and business partners trusting that the business is conducted with integrity and without compromise.

This is the reason why we have adopted a Code of Ethics and an in-company whistleblowing system.


The Code of Ethics is the overarching guide to maintaining that trust, operating properly and acting with a high level of integrity at all times by following four basic principles:

  • Be honest, fair, and trustworthy in all our LKQ activities and relationships.
  • Comply with the laws and regulations governing our business.
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Promptly report any concerns about compliance with the law, LKQ policies or the Code.


ERA adopted a corporate wrongdoing reporting system. All the employees, customers and suppliers who know, or have good reasons to believe, that laws, regulations, our Code of Ethics or other internal rules have been breached, should bring the matter to attention over the in-company whistleblowing system.

The whistleblowing service operates through Speak Up, used by all the subsidiaries of LKQ Corporation. For more information, please read the Speak Up Policy.

Following the effectiveness of the Italian Whistleblowing Law (Legislative Decree n. 24/2023), our Company has also adopted a local Procedure for reporting wrongdoing and irregularities which aims to providing clear information on the procedures, prerequisites for making reports and protections in compliance with the Decree (Confidentiality, Privacy, No Retaliation).

A report can then be made:

  1. in written form through Speak Up, accessible, without the need for prior authentication;
  2. orally, by calling the dedicated Italian phone number: 800 715 004
  3. in writing via the external channel provided by the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) accessible at the following Link. This external Channel can be used only if specific prerequisites for making the report are met. Please consult in advance the dedicated section of the Procedure for reporting wrongdoing and irregularities.