Since 1983, when the company was established in Moncalieri (Turin), ERA has grown by specializing in the distribution of electric and electronic spare parts in the automotive aftermarket. ERA’s mission is to globally deliver the most extensive range of products to its clients, guaranteeing the highest quality and transparency by offering an internal Quality Control that approves Original and Alternative labels.


PRODUCT FAMILIES: ABS Sensors, Actuators, Air mass sensors, Alternator bearings, Brush set and brush holders, Compressors, Condensers, Dashboard switches, Drives and pulleys, Dryers, EGR valves, Expansion valves, Fuel feed units, Fuel pumps, Glow plugs, Heat exchangers, Idle control valves, Ignition cable kit, Ignition coils, Injectors, Interior blowers, Lambda sensors, Nox sensors, Oil traps, Radiator fans, Regulators and rectifiers, Relays, Resistors, Rotating electris, Sensors, Solenoid switches, Solenoid valves, Spare parts for rotating electrics, Steering column switches, Steering locks, Switches, Thermostats, Throttle bodies, VVT valves, Washer pumps, Window lifts, Wiper motors.