Ignition Coils

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Ignition coils

  • Ignition coils represent one of the top ranges, which allow ERA to achieve the market leadership in Italy and throughout the world.
  • Coils have been through several important transformations in order to adapt to the continuous changes in terms of engine performance, fuel consumption and environmental pollution. The most important ones concern:
    • Power increase
    • Timing improvement in energy transformation
    • Reduction of dispersions
    • Use without ignition cables
    • Reduction of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems
  • Today ERA’s range includes:
    • Traditional coils with cooling oil
    • Dry coils with ignition module
    • Coils for static system
    • Single / multiple coils, like Top / Pencil coil
  • Our wide range of ignition coils provides comprehensive car parc coverage, from European to Asian applications, thanks to a diversified offer, able to meet any customer’s request.

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